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All Things Neo!!

Welcome One and All to the Sailor Moon Neo Project!!

This group was founded for the sole purpose of gathering and collaborating with others all in the pursuit of putting together a fun story project that meshes the best of fan comics with the best of fan animations! A group with the idea in mind for all who participate in the project to be able to keep in touch on a daily basis and just share ideas without the worrying of losing communication.

General Rules

Yes, even we have rules here.

1. Most important rule of all is do and I mean DO RESPECT each other (as well as yourself XD). I don't think I have to go into great detail about what that means yes? Basically we here at the Sailor Moon Neo-Project DON'T WANT NO DRAMA!!

We will not tolerate people bashing, harassing, and causing unnecessary drama for DA Spectators to come to the Yard.

If there is a problem please PM the problem to an admin to keep the drama out of the public's eye. It's embarrassing for all parties.

We take what we do here serious but also hell of lots of fun and we are very eager to work with people in the near future!

I am generally lax and laid back. I believe I am an Admin who is easy to approach with any concerns you may have and my Co-Founders are also here to help, but if conflict arises I and the CO's will deal with any misdeeds here!

2. All Artworks Submitted to this group will only strictly deal with materials centered around the project's story. Any additional artwork not related to this fan project but does have the characters in the cast of this Sailor Moon project will be accepted also BUT WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED in the Feature's folder. Please put all submitted artwork into the CORRECT folders as to not cause confusion.

Update: People's submissions to our group are getting rejected because no one is following our guidelines and keep submitting them to the WRONG folders. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW OUR GUIDELINES

3. Just have fun! Anything else that hasn't been said, perhaps one of the Co-Founders will decide to add something else they feel is highly important.

Story Synopsis:

A crisis has befallen 3oth Century Crystal Tokyo by an unknown clan who go by the name Tartarus. And this new enemy rises once again to take an eon long revenge against the White Moon Clan.

With Neo Queen Serenity's fall; It will be up to Chibiusa to start her own legacy as Neo Sailor Moon with the help of her own Senshi court to put a stop to this new evil before it's too late!

our tumblr page: thesailormoonneofanproject.tum…
our facebook page:…

Gallery Folders

Story Episodes

Random from Featured


I finally managed to get the rest of this up. Worked on editing the grammar and what not.
But here is chapter 1!…
Just wanted to update everyone that I am still in the writing process and while I have right now resigned to doing old fashion fanfiction.

The visual artistic side still wants to try my hand at the visual/audio drama aspect. So on my main deviantart page I just made a poll with two example videos I put together in Sony Vegas.

I seriously want to know what would you guys like. Would you like to continue with either example A, B, or continue writing PSSM Neo as I am now and posting it up on

Let me know your thoughts.

So here's the gist: Because it has been far too long with this project and I'm now the only one (since everyone else has real matters to take care of) on top of having too many stories for other fandoms to work on; I decided to go ahead and stop being so darn stubborn.

So in the end I decided to go back to writing fanfiction. I already had Acts 1 and 2 scripted with a few dialogue for future chapters already written. And since I don't have the patience to work with Flash's Action Script or Sony Vegas atm. I've been working on reformatting the scripts of Act 1 and 2 into novel format.

I mean I still plan to draw lots of artwork for the story. And who knows I may still opt to make an audio drama out of it in the future. But I may based this on, how well the beginning is received if enough people enjoy reading Act 1. That way I can gauge if it's worth spending my time, going for the Audio Drama project.

But for right now; I present to you part 1 of Act 1: Chibiusa's Legacy Begins?! A New Moon is Reborn?!…
**If you're deviation is getting ignored or rejected it's because you guys are NOT reading the guidelines! And you have not read the character list section. I don't want to reject submissions but seriously you guys, if you cannot take the time to read and understand which folders are for what than your piece is getting rejected.


This shouldn't even be required but I need people to PLEASE READ OUR GUIDELINES AND RULES ABOUT SUBMISSIONS WHICH IS FULLY DETAILED HERE: sailormoonn-project.deviantart…

So please if you're going to submit something here READ ABOUT SUBMISSIONS FIRST

Because now if any artwork I see again is being submitted to the wrong FOLDERS I'm rejecting it point blank; I've tried to send notes to people about re-submitting their artwork. We don't mind additional artwork not apart of our project in our group, JUST PUT IT IN THE RIGHT FOLDERS that is the whole POINT of me creating those folders in THE FIRST PLACE!

But no one gets back to me or replies to my notes saying that understand. So now I'm just going to be rejecting submissions without giving a statement why. I'm not rejecting the artwork for no other reason other than you KEEP submitting to the WRONG FOLDERS. You CAN easily just RESUBMIT artwork, just make sure its to the CORRECT FOLDER.

Please and thank you.

Last time I'm going to update and remind people about our rules of submission.

As more character concept art is done, this journal will be updated accordingly. There will be a pronunciation key next to the names i think might be hard for one to pronounce and a link to that Character's finished concept art.

Main Protagonists

1. Chibiusa, Usagi Lady Tsukino/Neo Sailor Moon    

2. Matsuri Minori/Sailor Ceres

3. Rihatsuhi Youji/Sailor Pallas

4. Otome Irori/Sailor Vesta

5. Sora Nijime/Sailor Iris

6. Kisaki Miyazaki/Sailor Juno

7. Mihoshi Seidai/Sailor Astraea (Astraea= Ah-stray-ya)

8. Chiruko Izumi/Sailor Flora

9. Sakari Kahou/Sailor Hebe

10. Utahime Yakan/Sailor Parthenope (Parthenope= Par-then-no-pee)

11. Estelle Oukan/Sailor Sun

12. Diana Tsukino

13. Khonsu Mau

14. Emperor Horus

15. Keitaro Natsuno/Helios/Mysterious Alchemist


Main Antagonists

Tartarus Clan; Hierarchy of the Enemy

The Primordial

16. Princess Nyx/Brume

17. Prince Erebus

18. Dream Maker Morpheus

19. Beautiful Annanke

(Mysterious Alchemist)

The Chthonis

20. Reaping Thanatos

21. Oracle Clotho

22. Oracle Lachesis

23. Oracle Atropos

24. Lethargic Hypnos

25. Ageless Geras

The Judges

26. Magistrate Minos

27. Wrathful Keres

28. Enchantress Hecate

29. Valiant Aether

The Twins

30. Condemning Moros

31. Indicting Momus

The Knights

32. Hell Dog Cerberus

33. Warring Enyo

34. Powerful Bia

35. Emotionless Eris

36. Fervent Zelus

37. Cordial Philotes

38. Sly Apate

39. Victorious Kratos

40. Vengeful Nemesis

Guardian Angels of the Nine Realm Gates

41. Angel Lucifer of the First Gate

42. Angel Belphagor of the Second Gate

43. Angel Vierre of the Third Gate

44. Angel Beelzebub of the Fourth Gate

45. Angel Leviathan of the Fifth Gate

46. Angel Asmodeus of the Sixth Gate

47. Angel Mammon of the Seventh Gate

48. Angel Abadon of the Eighth Gate

49. Angel Pythius of the Ninth Gate

The Omniscientia

50. Sailor Galaxia/Princess Euryphaessa

51. Sailor Nebulae/Princess Asteria

52. Sailor Black Hole/Princess Adrasteia

53. Sailor Comet/Princess Sterope

54. Sailor Vortex/Princess Charybdis

55. Sailor Supernova/Princess Auxesia

56. Sailor Pulsar/Princess Terpsichore

57. Sailor Quasar/Princess Electra

Supporting Cast

58. Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Neo Queen Serenity

59. Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion

60. Kousagi Tsukino

61. Kousuke Chiba

62. Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury

63. Rei Hino/Sailor Mars

64. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter

65. Minako Aino/Sailor Venus

66. Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto

67. Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune

68. Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus

69. Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn, dark purple

70. Luna

71. Artemis

72. Aurora/Tennyo Natsuno

73. Eos/Hikari Natsuno
More Journal Entries









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